Our history

Studio Geotecnico Strutturale – SGS s.r.l. – is the natural evolution of S.G.S “Studio Geotecnico Stradale” founded by Engineer Carlo Cassins in 1956. This has to be probably considered the oldest design office in Italy in terms of presence and contribution to the Geotechnical Engineering field.

In the years following the World War II there was a high excitement to apply new and often precursory theories of soil mechanics, mostly in highway and airport pavement works.

This is why SGS was provided with a laboratory to test materials for road construction works and generally to investigate soil behaviour and finally to try out new innovative applications.

The area of interest moved then from Italy to Africa – with projects founded by the FMI – but also to Middle East and South America. In the meantime, a small group of engineers and technicians enthusiastically got involved into SGS evolution also in other geotechnical fields, such as difficult soils, tunnels, earth dams, etc.

First software applications for geotechnical calculation were created by learning coding through old-style computers. SGS has been therefore also a starting point for several engineers and technicians which have then moved abroad and currently work worldwide.

In 2002 Eng. Paolo Nisio and Eng. Valter Capata took the whole SGS firm taking advantage from the long experience they carried out together and keeping alive the passion for the geotechnical fields and civil construction works.