Preliminary and detailed design

SGS is able to offer to the clients design services for geotechnical construction works. SGS carries out design works from a preliminary stage to the construction details thanks to a dynamic and practical approach. SGS can efficiently talk with other discipline designers and parties involved (client, contractor, public authourities, external reviewers) and always seek for the right balance between safety, code compliance and works optimisation according to the specific design stage.

Ground investigation. SGS can prepare ground investigation specification, supervise test execution, interprete the results of lab and in-situ testing in order to prepare the geomechanical site model. For more than 40 years SGS had their own geotechnical laboratory and this allowed the staff to acquire direct knowledge of soils and of the most common geomechanical tests.

Geotechnical and structural analyses. Verification of geotechnical stability and structural performance is carried out through dedicated calculation tools suitable for the type of check and design stage. Where required, SGS use advanced softwares for the study of soil behaviour, structures and their interaction in 2D and 3D environment, such as PARATIE, PLAXIS 2D, SAP 2000 e MIDAS GTS NX. Seismic, filtration and thermal analyses are also often part of the analyses carried out within the design work.

Design documentation. Design work is aimed at preparing calculation reports, specification and technical drawings. SGS aims at involving technical draftmen in the project development so that they do not only represent design solutions, but are fully part of the design process.

During the last years SGS is investing in BIM since it is a tool nowadays very important to interface with other disciplines and to produce technical documents in a more clever and efficient manner.


Although it is used to carry out the whole geotechnical and structural design of civil works, SGS also offers consultancy services. Clients can ask for SGS support about several issues related to underground works and, more generally, to soil behaviour.

  • Work supervision
  • Assistance and site supervision of test execution for soils and construction materials
  • Technical opinion on construction issues or legal matters
  • Optimisation works and review of design works carried out by third parties

Site supervision and support

During construction works, SGS can support the Client offering site engineers and/or office support. Site personnel can verify design assumptions during the works, carry out surveys of the geological conditions and possibly optimize the construction work process, and help the Contractor to solve site issues, when necessary.

Research projects

SGS has a tight relationship with Universities and Research Institute, promotes educational activities and is involved in research projects. It is currently sponsoring the 2nd level Master in ‘Geotechnical Design’ at Sapienza University in Rome.