Location: Rome (Italy)
Client: Metro C
Year: 2007 – ongoing

SGS has always been involved in the long design process of the Rome metro system since the early studies requested by the City of Rome intially through STA company, then become Roma Metropolitane. Since 2007 SGS has dealt with the executive design first and construction design later of several civil works along the whole line C between Alessandrino and Fori imperiali areas.

Metro sections T7 – T6 – T5  e T4, which overall include 9 stations and approx. 9Km of line tunnels between Graniti depot and San Giovanni station, were designed and built within 2014. Among these works, SGS was responsible for:

– ground investigations, evaluation of the geomechanical parameters and the elaboration of the  geotechnical model for the whole line

– executive design of 3 stations (Parco di Centocelle station, Alessandrino station and Alessandrino depot)

– executive design of all tunnels excavated by traditional method, station platforms and tunnel sections for train manouvre operations and recovery

– all the works for ground improvement underneath the buildings or within the stations, including design of dewatering systems

Finally, the design for the excavation underneath the existing Metro Line A at San Giovanni station completed in 2016 has been particularly relevant since the ground freezing technique has been used.

Works have now been completed for the tunnels between multi-functional shaft 3.3 and the existing San Giovanni station. These have been executed by full-face excavation with traditional method following the passage of the 3.0m diameter cutter head (micro-TBM) and soil improvements carried out through chemical and grout injections aimed at reducing permeability of sandy-gravelly formations. Tunnel widening works at 3.2 shaft are now on progress (2021).