Location: Tiaret, Algeria
Client: ANESRIF ((National Agency of Studies and of Follow-up of the Realization of the Railway Investment)
Year: 2014-2018

The new railway network from Tiaret-Tissemsilt in Algeria consists of the construction of 185km long railway line running west of the capital city, Algiers, and connecting the towns of Relizane, Tiaret and Tissemsilt. For this project, SGS carried out the construction design of two tunnels, T3030 and T3010, 700m and 900m long respectively and 12m internal diameter, excavated with full-face excavation method.

The design included the execution of consolidations ahead of the tunnel. The excavation, which involved soft soil (sands and clayey sands) and sandstone with presence of faults, required the implementation of improvement measures by means of steel fore-poling and / or fiberglass bars within the tunnel face.