Variante di Valico is part of a national project of modernization completed in 2015 which includes the A1 highway section between Florence and Blogna (125Km) and, in particular, of the corridor through the Appennini mountains in the section La Quercia – Aglio. Poggiolino station area was subjected to significant landslide movements – dormant and up to 18m deep – and included potentially critical areas with more shallow slip surfaces. SGS was appointed to design stabilization works for such area. In order to cope with large forces and considering the structures to be built in the area, SGS decided that the most suitable stabilisation work consisted in structural and drainage shafts. In particular, 9.0m diameter / 33.5m long shafts have been built with about 23m embedment below the potential slipping surfaces and they have connected at the top by a 10m wide capping beam.